When you hear someone messing with your toys!
Hi, this is Gerald
One floof, two floof, three floof, four
Smooth move kid
The best magic trick I’ve seen so far
Thats one badass eggbeater
when things go from bad to worse in less than a second
The one sperm that gets her pregnant

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Paul Rudd-Oh,OK
Michael Bluth-No
Ryan Gosling-What
Jonah Hill – Okay! Okay! Okay!
Phil Dunphy – What?
Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Okay
Jason Mantzoukas – No, What
Adam Devine – What, OMG, Shocked
John Candy – Okay.I See
Will Greenberg – Ew
Wee-Bey – Whoa, What?
Bill Murray – Ok
William H. Macy – What
Nicole Scherzinger – What
Chevy Chase – Approves
Tom Cruise – What
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