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GIF TITLE: Guy stops girl on bicycle, probably avoiding accident
SHORT LINK: VIDEO: Youtube CATEGORIES: Accident Danger
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His momma felt that

His momma ..

Snapping a Steel Rod 1000x slower

Snapping a..

Matches Prank

Matches Pr..

Cat Shuts Up Dog

Cat Shuts ..

Swimming pool during an earthquake

Swimming p..

Backflip fail

Backflip f..

Worst Lumberjack Ever

Worst Lumb..

You couldn’t pay me enough to do this job

You couldn..

Life Saving Electrical Pole

Life Savin..

Meanwhile in Germany

Meanwhile ..

Natural gas-powered car explodes

Natural ga..

E-cigarette explodes in man’s pants


They see me rollin…. oops

They see m..

Little boy saves his baby brother

Little boy..

Cargo train crosses busy motorway without any warning in Azerbaijan

Cargo trai..

Woman carrying kid has accident at subway station

Woman carr..

Staying by an injured loved one

Staying by..

Guy Falls Through Hole In Floor

Guy Falls ..

Incredible Near Miss


Man getting hit by traffic signal

Man gettin..

Chevy Chase – Deck the Halls

Chevy Chas..

Chevy Chase – Merry Christmas to all

Chevy Chas..

Chevy Chase – Kiss My Ass

Chevy Chas..

Chevy Chase – Faint

Chevy Chas..