Latest gifs
Oddly Satisfying
An antelope’s insane reflexes
Learning the hard way
Mission Accomplished
Road rage sparks crash chaos on LA freeway
There’s always room for improvement
This takes years of practice
Top Heavy
Chain Ring
Biker sticks the landing
Bald Eagle incoming
Rope Swing Fail
Lucky Dog
Member of Georgian parliament tries to take a selfie
Cat Learns to Knead Dough From Tutorial Video
President of Costa Rica Swallows Wasp at Press Briefing
A mine sweeper finds a mine
Some dude in a Brazilian supermarket
Finish Him
Elevator Prank
When she catches you staring
Still dead
Best seat ever
Cucumber aging time lapse
Not In The Mood
Jamie’s Aqua Bike
Handbrake failure
Countertop dishwasher
Yeah, nice try
Rope whisperer
Fire Extinguisher Ball
Leg malfunction
Blowing Up A Lemon
Limbo Prank
Caged Eagle catches Crane
How to open a beer bottle with a flip
Magic Or Not
Meanwhile in Germany
That’s my chair
Sonic boom created by a rocket
Woman falls through sidewalk door
Poor Cat
The floor is Lava
So that’s a no?
Clever Basketball Player
Seriously, What the Heck?
Big fail in parkour
Surfing in Russia with a sip of Vodka
No paternity test needed
Big Dog Teaches Puppy How to Sit
Don’t bother me. I ded now
Don’t worry I have got you
Need Help?
Stubborn Husky Refuses to Leave Her Sleeping Human’s Side
Dropping a giant knife on a car
Like a boss
Yeah we’re not falling for that one again
Refrigerator Explosion
Motorcycle Crash
Nailed it.
Aggressive kitten
Hot tub time
Weekend Warrior
Painful Parkour Fail
Depressed Cat
Red Panda attacks the Police
Just Putin this out there
Cats reaction when his owner comes home
This is why keep your finger off the trigger
Pilot ejects from F-18 jet right before crash
Brave Kid
Best Fake Injury
Boxer Dog Completely Gives Up While Playing Fetch
When ball is life
Impossible Card vanish in mid air
I don’t get it
Sewage pipe explosion in Kyiv
Cat’s foot goes rogue
Snow Leopard assaults an innocent Cabbage
Physics magic
The saddest bookworm
Meanwhile in Russia
Super Cute Doggy Fail
Most Amazing Car Parking Ever
Angry Pedestrian Receives Instant Karma
Dog Photobombs Baby
America First
Little kitten just wants some milk
Automatic farm gate
Shit Happens
Dog helping a stranger in trouble
Woody Harrelson-Shut the fuck up!
Robert Wisdom-WTF
Very Angry Dog
Sea Lion Drags Girl into Water
Tajik President didn’t let Trump win at the “aggressive handshake” game
Poly-acrylamide Polymer Vanishing Act
Slow motion watermelon shoot
Jealous Lemur
Little Boy Is Freaked Out By Doll
Car Crashes Into Police Car
Funny ping pong shot
Mind Blown
Are you sure you set the timer on the camera? Ugh, hang on
Cat Uses Ninja Maneuver to Evade Dog
Kinnect Gone Wrong
Dorg Out
Jerk of the Week
Waking Up a Cat With an Airhorn
That’s a new trick
Cute Golden Retriever
Daddy Took My Ear
Perfect Fail
Sad Cat
Instant justice
Sled Fail
Surprise Motherfuckers
Puppy Falls Asleep While Playing
Remember Snake, this is a sneaking mission. Try not to get caught.
Balancing Baby Laughing with dad
Wheel Flies off Big Rig
Real-life Hero
Trolling a pigeon
Cat doesn’t give a shit
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