The new alpha male
Bulldog Annoyed By Tiny Barking Dog
Dog outsmarts kid
Tesla car explodes in Shanghai parking lot
What came out of the green
Chunky Cat Has Thumbs
Distracted boy

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Robert Wisdom-WTF
Charlie Day-WTF
Danny DeVito-Nope
Denzel Washington – Nope, Sad
Louis C.K. – Disgusted
Mary Elizabeth Winstead – WTF
Colin Farrell – Terrified
Andy Samberg – OMG
J.D. Williams – Nope
Walton Goggins – Nope
Chris O’Dowd – Scared
Jeff Bridges – Spits Out Drink
Fuck this, I’m tired of this shit
Disgusted Reaction
Bob Odenkirk – Nope
Gwendoline Christie – Disgusted,Not Impressed
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